PARS was incorporated in 1965 under the name of National Council on Alcoholism, Topeka Division. In July of 1993, the Board of Directors voted to change the name to Shawnee Regional Prevention and Recovery Services. The new name (shortened to Prevention and Recovery Services, or PARS for easier recognition) is more descriptive of our mission.

PARS serves the community through substance abuse prevention, intervention and education programs, youth initiatives and safety and crime prevention programs.

Though the programs at PARS have changed over the years, our commitment to helping people who are adversely affected by alcohol and other drug abuse remains the same. All of the programs at PARS work to make our community a place where people of all ages are safe, connected with others, and supported by a network of concerned citizens who share the responsibility for nurturing, educating and creating an environment for all people to be free from the effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

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